Integrity is the foundation of solid relationships.

Our Philosophy 

Ask most financial advisors what their philosophy is, and chances are good they’ll tell you about what they do – not what they believe.

At Virginia Managed Investments, we do a lot (click here to read more about our approach and our solutions) but here is what we believe.

We believe in the value of a prudent approach to investing, especially in today’s economy. This means:

  • taking a long term view;
  • identifying and capitalizing on opportunities in today’s environment of high stock market volatility and low interest rates; and
  • focusing on yield income as an important part of total return.

We believe in the benefits of living frugally.

We believe that retirement planning should be a cornerstone of every financial plan.

We believe in the long-term benefits of equity investing in free markets and the importance of dividends and earnings growth as part of a long-term investment strategy.

While we believe in self-reliance, we also believe in helping those in need and giving back.

We believe in developing a meaningful relationship with each client built on trust, integrity, and a high level of personalized service. 

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