You deserve financial peace of mind.

Our Solutions

Our personalized wealth management solutions are tailored to fit your tolerance for risk and your objectives for growth. They include: 

  • investment management 
  • asset protection solutions 
  • capital accumulation strategies 
  • retirement planning
  • an extensive network of legal, accounting, insurance,
    and benefit advisors 
  • expert advice on issues peripheral to financial planning –
    estate planning, wills and trusts, employee benefits,
    borrowing and lending, long-term care and more. 

Prior to working with us, many of our clients never had a comprehensive financial plan. Others had investment portfolios that were decimated by the volatility in the stock market due to neglect or an overconcentration of assets. And some came to us after finding themselves at a crossroads in their lives – a promotion, an inheritance, divorce or remarriage, an empty nest or impending retirement – and in need a new financial plan to reach new or changing goals.

We craft individualized solutions for clients of all backgrounds.


In the process of designing a financial plan and portfolio tailored to your unique goals, we make sure that you:

  • focus on the fundamentals, such as diversification and your
    tolerance for risk
  • choose the investment vehicles that are right for you
  • rebalance your portfolio based on our outlook on the markets,
    the economy and individual asset classes
  • control “leakage” from taxes and fees


We provide advice and service on compensation-related issues such as stock options, restricted stock, executive deferred compensation plans, and nonqualified deferred compensation. We account for special restrictions, such as do-not-trade lists, blackout dates, and other corporate and regulatory guidelines. 

Small Business Owners

We have expertise and long-term relationships with professionals in all areas where small business owners need advice and assistance, including financing, accounts receivable, business continuity planning, key-man coverage, benefits, Section 125 plans, and retirement plans. Whether you are a sole proprietor, a closely held company, or a small corporation, we have most likely helped someone solve a problem that you may have thought was unique to you.

Divorced Singles

Establishing a new financial plan is a top priority during or after a divorce. New goals, expectations, and priorities must be established. Often, assets and cash flow must be reallocated to address the new realities that follow a divorce. We can help with: 

  • developing options regarding the division of assets and liabilities
  • evaluating and deciding what to liquidate and what to keep
  • conferring with your accountants and/or ours to consider the tax implications of liquidating various assets like real estate, retirement accounts and investment accounts in order to minimize the financial impact of the divorce. 

Blended Families

Developing a plan to address the unique needs of families in which one or both spouses have children from a previous marriage is challenging. We have experience in doing just that. Often, a couple has certain assets they want all family members to share in and certain assets they want to restrict to specific family members. When developing a long-term financial plan, communication is critical. Just getting the conversation started is often the hardest part. We can help.      

Planning for Retirement

We help ensure that you are making fully informed decisions on all of the issues that impact your retirement, from defining what retirement means to you to determining if your resources and allocation of assets are sufficient to meet your expectations. We can test model portfolios incorporating multiple factors such as projected expenses, pensions, when to start Social Security benefits, 401(k) balances, longevity, gifting, health care and long-term care costs, the impact of relocating, and many other issues.

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